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Space Pirates

This project was the result of a small group effort of four MICA students (including myself) in cooperation with scientists at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center on making a narrative animation about gravitational lensing.

We were given a short lecture about gravitational lensing and how light is manipulated by massive and distant objects in space. Upon further research, we began with a lot of discussion of how we could create a narrative that both explained gravitational lensing, but also contained an entertaining narrative.

After much brainstorming, we concluded with space pirates that were on a voyage for treasure, only to be tricked by the effects of gravitational lensing.

I was in charge of the branding, social media, sound mastering, and prop building.

MICA + Fermi Tumblr
Group //

Animation: Bruno Saad Marques
Animation & Concept: Willy Fair
Design, Audio, Props: Karl Ericksen
Concept Art: Claire Foster

MICA Animation Festival 2016: Audience award winner