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Zing is an award-winning personal health concept app developed during the BitCamp 2017 hackathon. In a team of four designers, we created an app concept intended for the Credible's "Best Medical App" competition of 250+ participants. After nearly 72 sleepless hours we researched, conceptualized, branded, built the app interface, created mockups, designed mographs, and presented our concept to the sponsors. 


Zing is a personal health tracker that monitors both your physical and mental wellness. It eliminates the frustration of keeping track of doctor appointments, diet plans, hydration levels, and exercise by keeping an easy-to-use interface for all four in one app. With easy contact with doctors and simple buttons for inputs, there is no worry about scheduling a next appointment before you can get care or manually type in everything you've had to eat throughout the day. More importantly, it engages with users by allowing them to customize a character that they have to take care of (think Tamagachi). This, along with the ability to challenge friends in step competitions, creates a reward system that will keep users coming back.

BitCamp Devpost